We are a network of GPs working to make General Practice more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have established a network across Wales through the start of 2021. We have GPs from all Health Boards and many clusters. We have established some Welsh Primary Care Hot Spots, where change could mean huge positive affects on reducing our carbon footprint. We are continually welcoming new members, and keen to welcome more!  


We are working alongside the Welsh RCGP, Public Health Wales and ICST. Through establishing these working partners, we have joined force to make headway on national sustainable healthcare improvements.  


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If you are reading this and working in GP, wondering what you could do in practice tomorrow to become greener, follow and promote our Hot Spots. Promote them in your practice, promote them in your cluster and health board. You will be surprised how much support is out there and how many pharmacists are working on the same ideas! 

Upcoming event

A Landscape of Sustainable Primary Care
28th April 7pm
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Next Meeting

The next Greener Practice Wales network meeting will be on Thursday 22nd July at 7.30pm


Agenda for meeting:


  • ‘Let's switch to greener inhalers’ - Find out more about our welsh carbon footprint for inhaler prescribing per year - a flight to the sun and back - and what to do about it! Alongside our collaboration with ICST, the All Wales Asthma group. 

  • ‘How best to run our network - would anyone like a specific role?’

  • ‘Catch up and any other green ideas’


Please e-mail for webinar links.