Eating to Save the Planet

by Manon Williams, Dietician at BCUHB

There is an undeniable link between our food system and eating habits with environmental sustainability. A key part in achieving and providing environmentally sustainable healthcare lies with ensuring sustainable procurement of food. This includes promoting and supporting environmentally healthier meals for everyone, and disposing of food waste responsibly.

There have been a variety of projects and ideas brought to the Ysbyty Gwynedd Green group on how to improve our food system’s impact on the environment. These ideas include:

  • Aiming to facilitate and support locally sourced fruit and vegetables

  • To provide a greater range of plant-based meals for patients and staff

  • Removing plastic food packaging and cutlery

  • Demanding greater transparency from the Welsh Government on their procurement standards in terms of environmental sustainability

  • Ensuring adequate, safe and responsible food waste.

  • Promoting healthier food choices with ‘well-being Wednesday’ meals at a discounted price.

The impact of these projects would be fundamental in helping us to reduce our healthcare’s contribution of carbon footprint. They would encourage our food system and procurement to make environmental sustainability a greater priority. Additionally, they would ensure that everyone has access to a variety of healthy environmentally sustainable food choices.