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There are a number of sustainability projects that any of us can perform in Quality Improvement, audit or research in anaesthesia. This resource page helps members of WEAN share ideas that have worked for them that others may find useful.


Below you will find useful information as well as other resources that have been created by members of WEAN. These are free for you to download, and use/edit. Use this page to find inspiration for a project at your own hospital, or perhaps take a resource and improve it, and then share it with the network.

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Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown is the name given to our project to reduce the carbon footprint of anaesthetic practice across Wales. We did this in a coordinated manner in 2019-2020, prior to the covid-19 pandemic, with significant success. Carbon equivalent emissions (CO2e) from volatile anaesthetics fell by an average of 70% or 128,562KgCO2e per month!!

As we come out of the pandemic, case numbers and anaesthetic practice will increase once more. This provides an opportunity to consolidate and even improve the savings we have made.

This is everyone's opportunity to design and run a project to help reduce the carbon footprint of our practice; resources below are there to help anyone who wants to drive this project at their hospital. You will find a list of consultant leads for each hospital to act as a contact point for this project; as well as useful facts and figures made into infographics, which you can use for any presentation to your department, there is a data collection tool and more.

Share your ideas

All of these resources are free to download. Use them in their current format, edit them or use them as inspiration for your own creations. However don't be limited by anything here, if you feel you have improved on a resource here, or have made something better, contact us, we can spread your solution across Wales and see the impact of your idea maximised.

For the first phase of Project Drawdown, we concentrated on the carbon emissions from volatiles only, as this was the simplest way to get a large, early impact. This could be a project you recreate, ensuring we maintain the momentum we started, or could just be part of a larger project, that incorporates other emissions sources of our practice, e.g. propofol, or depth of anaesthesia monitors. Whatever you do, remember to contact us with your success! Any great ideas can be spread from here all across the region, and your local success can be a national one!!

Resources for Project Drawdown II

Data collection tool

Use this tool to monitor the volatile usage of your department and calculate your monthly carbon footprint


Slides you can present to your department, to raise awareness about sustainability issues, and build will for changes in practice


Some key information and data on emissions savings in Wales, which you can use in any presentation

Volatiles SOP

A simple "How to" guide to conducting a project measuring and reducing carbon emissions from volatile gas usage at your hospital


Some articles to use as references in any presentation or write up you may do for your project


Check with the consultant lead at your hospital if a project is already underway. They will be you start point for getting involved and expanding the project

All Wales data

Most recent data for emissions from volatile gases from every healthboard in Wales.

Other projects across Wales

Anaesthetists all over Wales are undertaking QIP projects, audits and local initiatives in sustainable anaesthetic practice. We are creating a space where these experiences can be shared; so they can re-created, or help to stimulate new ideas or projects eslewhere in wales. Submit a summary of your sustainability project here: