SWASH is a dedicated group that was set up by a local GP and medical students at Swansea University at the end of 2020. The aim is to target environmental issues surrounding the practice and teaching of medicine by acting locally, presenting factual information and aiding research projects on the sustainability issues of healthcare. 


Currently, SWASH is focusing on reducing the significant individual carbon footprint of inhalers, implementing changes in the medical workplaces and schools, and on the education of healthcare staff, students and patients. SWASH have monthly online discussions that focus on planning how to action on these topics. They target political actions and work with other like-minded organisations such as the new Greener Practice Wales network of GPs and Students for Global Health.


SWASH's hope is to build a community that acts proactively on fighting the climate crisis and extend work to other areas as the group grows in size and experience. SWASH welcomes healthcare professionals, students and patients who want healthcare to be delivered in a more environmentally friendly way to join!

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