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There is a growing recognition of the climate crisis worldwide.  The NHS has a responsibility to examine and update current practice to reduce carbon emissions without compromising patient care. 


The Welsh Anaesthetic Green Network (formerly WEAN) is an organisation of interested individuals who wish to reduce the environmental and financial impact of anaesthesia in Wales whilst constantly striving to improve the quality of care patients receive.

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Trainees rotating around hospitals often feel as though they don’t spend enough time in one place to help make a difference.  Once in a consultant post it can be difficult to provide the drive and enthusiasm to instigate projects around the area of sustainable development.  This is particularly tough as they are often part of deeply complex non-linear systems which require the development of dense networks throughout the entire structure of the health board in order to achieve anything!


A few of us starting talking, put some feelers out, and decided to develop an anaesthetic green network.  Our Inaugural meeting and Sustainable Anaesthesia Innovation Day was held on 6 June 2019 in the Cardiff Bay Life Sciences Hub.  We heard great talks from very entertaining speakers, took some interesting photos, and formulated our Mission and our Vision statements.  The RCoA accredited the day in-line with their Sustainability Strategy 2019


Our vision is:

  • To embed sustainable practice as a norm across anaesthetic clinical specialities in Wales, and influence similar approaches across the UK, the EU, and beyond

  • To take an approach to ‘Do no harm’ at an individual, community and population level, to improve health for everyone, both now and in the future

Our mission is:

  • To improve the environmental and financial sustainability of anaesthesia across Wales whilst constantly striving to improve the quality of care patients receive

  • To provide education for staff and students around sustainable working and behaviours. Share ideas, knowledge and innovations in order to support implementation of sustainable practices

  • To provide a network to promote and share best practice and celebrate success


We want to provide a supportive network of motivated individuals to share ideas and experiences to improve practice. We want to involve all members of the theatre team to increase support for sustainable practices.


As WAGN is in its infancy, a great deal of help and enthusiasm is required to help it become effective and established.  Please do get in touch with any ideas, suggestions, or offers of help and expertise.


Alex Morgan - Anaesthetic Specialty Trainee

Farzad Sadaat - Anaesthetic Specialty Trainee

Jayne Sutherland - Anaesthetic Specialty Trainee

Dan O'Donovan - Consultant Anaesthetist, Cardiff & Vale UHB

Fiona Brennan - Consultant Anaesthetist, Cardiff & Vale UHB

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